America is Booming!

It's Time to Enjoy the Economy 

After eight years of recession and stifling Government interference, the American economy is booming again. Hundreds of companies have given employees bonuses. Investment is up. Businesses are coming back to America. And unemployment, even in Hawaii, is at its lowest rate in years.

Why? Because President Trump and the Republican Congress have taken aggressive steps to end the anti-business, anti-growth policies of eight years of Democrat rule. The result? People have more money in their pockets

Competition helps everyone grow. But Hawaii is being left behind. Because Hawaii only has junior, minority legislators who favor big government and slow economy, we don’t have a voice.

It’s time for Hawaii to enjoy the full benefits of America’s economy. It’s time for balance…and a voice in Washington, DC. It’s time to vote for Cam Cavasso.



In Hawaii we know all too much about Government regulations. The folks in the State Capitol have no limitations on how they want to meddle in and control our lives – from making us refrigerate musubi (ugh!), to telling us we can’t ride in the back of pickup trucks, to thousands of other annoying and damaging regulations.

Under Obama and the Democrats, the Federal Government went wild with regulations – passing thousands of rules to try to control our lives and our businesses. Did you know the Clean Water Act gives the government control over water that consistently puddles on your land after a rain? And there are thousands – thousands – of regulations that make life harder for people and limit businesses in their growth and day to day operations.

The Trump Administration is taking regulations apart. The President has ruled that for any new regulation introduced, two must be abolished. The Republicans are working tirelessly to free us from over-regulation.


What does this mean for Hawaii?

We are freer to pursue our lives and businesses without Government interference.

But it also means, because Hawaii has only junior, minority, big government representation in Washington, that the regulations that concern the people of Hawaii are not getting proper attention.

We need balance in Washington.

We need a Congressman who will fight to see that Hawaii gets the attention it needs, that it escapes the regulations that hold back its people and its businesses.