Vision for Hawaii

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The Economy

Hawaii has only big government representation in Washington. The regulations that concern the people of Hawaii are not getting proper attention. We need a Congressman who will fight to see Hawaii gets the attention it needs, that it escapes the regulations that hold back its people and its businesses.

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A Strong Defense

As a former Army Captain, and the only veteran in this election, Cam Cavasso understands better than any of his opponents the necessity of supporting a strong military in Hawaii, and building America’s military might.  Military presence in Hawaii is critical to our economy and protects us from outside dangers every single day. 

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The Second Amendment

Cam Cavasso believes passionately in the Rule of Law, in the Constitution, and in protecting your rights. He will see that Government, and emotionally motivated lawmakers, do not begin taking away our God-given and Constitutionally-protected rights.

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Political Correctness Be Gone

Cam Cavasso is not afraid to say what needs to be said. He will speak the plain truth…to the politicians in Washington and Honolulu…to the media…and most importantly to you and me!

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Bringing Balance to Congress

Hawaii has suffered under one-party control for far too long. It is time to bring leadership and strength to Washington. It is time to send a new. voice for Hawaii.

It is time for Cam Cavasso