Aren’t you tired of politicians speaking gobbledygook? Aren’t you sick of political correctness? Aren’t you angry at being told what you can say…and how you must say it?

Political correctness has run amuck, killing truth and competitive solutions.  The political elite, who think they are smarter than you, want to tell you how to live your life, spend your money, what you can and cannot believe, and what you must or must not say. It’s time for all that to stop.

Cam Cavasso is not afraid to say what needs to be said. He will speak the plain truth…to the politicians in Washington and Honolulu…to the media…and most importantly to you and me!

We can trust Cam to say what he believes, and to act on it. He will fight for all of us to have the right to think, feel and say what we believe…without being attacked, or badgered to be politically correct or to bow down to others’ trendy thinking.

It’s time for courage.  It’s time to speak without fear.  It’s time for everyone to be free from the elitist political tyranny.  It’s time to end intimidation.  It’s time for plain speaking. It’s time to elect Cam Cavasso to Congress.